Matter of Hart (Series)

That Day - Book 1

A pain she can’t escape…

Scarlet Wilson is struggling with reality and running out of time. Nothing can stop what’s coming. Having such a big heart, Scarlet vows to put aside her pain and focus where she needs to…on making memories while she can.

…leads to a love that will be her salvation.

Barrett Hart is on leave and visiting a friend when he bumps into the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He instantly knows she’s special. Then he sees what she’s carrying and can’t help but be disappointed, feeling as if he missed his chance without ever really getting one.

A fateful encounter shows him what could be…

However, things aren’t always what they seem and when Barrett learns the truth, his relief is mixed with other emotions. Vowing to be what she needs, knowing now is not the time to explore what they could have, he’s by her side as her worst fears come true.

…if he can survive what’s to come.

As Barrett returns to duty, their friendship grows through letters and quickly becomes so much more, the year-long distance separating them no match for the love they’re meant to share.

Getting Lucky - Book 2

A man scared to let others in…

Bishop Rourke’s life changed when his mom abandoned him when he was only five, leaving him with a dad that became indifferent. Believing his role was already determined, Bishop turned to crime at a young age, ironically, a decision that saved him. Bishop knows he got lucky and never looked back, figuring he only had once chance to make it right. When he met Rett, a friendship spanning ten years, the Harts accepted him into the family. Since then, he’s met all but one, their paths never crossing for some reason or another…until now.

A woman that makes a habit of allowing everyone in…

Savanna Hart has spent her life taking care of others. She’s even made a career of it as a high school guidance counselor. Her family has gotten so used to her willingness to help that none of them, including Savanna herself, has stopped to question who she turns to in those times. When she and Bishop are introduced, their lives finally intersecting, Savanna knows she’s met the one person that sees her as more.

Each with their own insecurities…

They easily accept how right being together feels. But emotional scars can leave a shadow on your heart, invisible until you shine a light on it, causing them to reappear at even the happiest of times. The only question is, can their love burn bright enough to wipe it away completely?

Love's Draw - Book 3

A favor just might lead to his forever.

I’ve witnessed my grandfather’s attempts at matchmaking, and though they’re successful, I want to find my soulmate without any interference. And that’s exactly what happens. I fall hard and fast for Willow, only to learn things aren’t always as they seem.

She’s following the path to her destiny.

I know I have issues, being abandoned by my dad as a little girl can do that. Thankfully, my grandparents took me in, and I was happy, or so I thought until I met Tyson. Unfortunately, reality intruded, as did his doubts, and once more, I’m struggling to adjust.

Does the how really matter if the end result is love?