Badge of Honor: Tarpley VFD (Series)

A Note From Haven

The men and women of the Tarpley Volunteer Fire Department are ready to take on whatever life throws at them: wildfires, storms, or finding–and maybe losing–the loves of their lives. Discover their stories set in the shared Badge of Honor world created by Susan Stoker and published in her Police and Fire: Operation Alpha imprint. Texas won’t ever be the same again!

Fighting for Elena - Book 1

Fighting for Elena by Silver James (Badge of Honor: Tarpley VFD, Book 1)

Volunteer firefighter, fierce protector, foster dad…
Fire Chief David “Pops” West doesn’t mind being all those things, but when an attractive, young social worker blows into his life like the backdraft from a raging inferno, he’ll acquire another distinction he’s not totally comfortable with—silver fox. Duty, loyalty, responsibility? Check, check, and check. Attraction and dating? Oh, hell, no. It’s been ten years and he’s so out of practice they probably changed the rules on him. The Tarpley, Texas Volunteer Fire Department, his ranch, and the young folks in town are his life. And they’re all he needs. Except when he wants more.

Dedicated advocate, tenacious social worker, wrangler of runaways…
Elena Rodriguez knows certain people think she cares too much. But helping kids, especially the forgotten ones trying to survive on the streets of San Antonio, is her life. To the exclusion of all else. Sure, she has no social life, but that’s never been a problem. Until a sizzling hot fire chief comes to her rescue. Who cares if he’s older? She’s ready to socialize. Too bad fate has other plans.

Fighting for Elena…
When a young teen stumbles out of the path of outlaw bikers and into their lives, the silver fox and the woman who cares too much will team up to protect her—as their attraction for each other explodes. Whether battling wild fires, wicked weather, or outlaw bikers, Pops will do whatever it takes to keep Elena.

Fighting for Carly - Book 2

Ross “Dub-step” McEvers has experienced his share of horrors. The woman he loved was killed in an accident. He almost died fighting a fire while working out of his station house in Corbin, Kentucky. Heading to Tarpley, Texas, to stay with his cousin while recovering from his injuries is all that’s on his mind. Meeting the love of his life in Tarpley? That would be about as likely as a typhoon in Nevada.

But the curvy, gorgeous deputy sheriff who sends him plunging into ice waters of a dunking booth at a local gathering blows into his life and his bed like a hurricane. Carly Cross’s life is rife with its own horrors. With an ex-husband who’s the county attorney and also best friend with the sheriff, the chances of the deputy making detective are slim to none. Worse yet, Carly’s afraid of what Eric Cross might do when he finds out she’s seeing Ross, and she has reason to be.

The storm of the century devastates Tarpley, but as luck would have it, it’s the perfect opportunity for Eric to make his move. All he has to do is find a way to lure Ross into his trap and Carly will be his forever. When the dark clouds clear and day breaks, Carly’s gone. Even an army of FBI agents from across the country can’t seem to find her. Luckily for Carly, an angry Ross is a force of nature, and he’ll flatten everything in his path until she turns up. He won’t stop. He won’t even rest.

Tarpley thought that the tornado was the biggest thing to ever hit their quiet little town. But they’ve never seen the thunder and lightning of a storm quite like the one that’s about to hit them, courtesy of Dub-step McEvers.

Fighting for Calliope - Book 3

Their hearts aren’t the only thing in danger…

Will Calliope break through Tank’s defenses?
I hurt those I love, so I’ve closed myself off to all possibilities of finding it. That sounds dramatic, but my dad would be alive if it wasn’t for me. My mom didn’t get her HEA, so why should I? Twenty years later, dreams of that night still haunt me and let me know something bad is coming. With my history and position as a volunteer firefighter, I’m surrounded by tragedy. Then fate brings me Calliope, and I realize there’s still good in the world. But instead of fighting my fears, I might have to conquer nature to keep my soulmate.

Can Tank protect Calliope from herself?
After seeing the good my parents did while traveling the world as teachers, my dream was to do the same, but from a home base – something I never really had. However, I’ve learned adventure has its own appeal, and now, I chase storms. My family worries about the danger I’m in, yet they don’t know the secret I’m keeping. It’s not my job that may kill me. When I meet Tank, a man that makes me rethink everything I thought I knew about myself. Perhaps home isn’t a place after all.

Suddenly, forever isn’t long enough…

Fighting for Jemma - Book 4

High school science teacher Jemma Haner is ready for love, but she doesn’t do firefighters. Period. Never. No way. But Angel is everything she is looking for. Tall, dark, handsome and kind. As a veterinarian he shares her love of animals, nature, and the outdoors. She’d been burned in the past and had lost too much already to risk her heart to a firefighter.

Angel, “Short Shit” to his friends with the Tarpley Volunteer Fire department, can rescue cats and kids out of trees without a ladder. He works hard and loves harder, but when he meets Jemma he thinks only of making her his. Only problem–she won’t date firefighters. Can he get her to change her mind and give love a chance? Can he win her heart?

And when the storm of the century hits Tarpley, Texas, can Angel save Jemma from the dangers that come at her from all sides, and still do the job he loves? Find out in Book 4 of TVFD, part of Susan Stoker’s Badge of Honor series.

Fighting for Brittney - Book 5

Brittney Hart is an experienced, well trusted meteorologist who has spent her career saving people’s lives while proving she’s not just a statistic. When she travels to Tarpley, Texas with Calliope, her teammate and friend, she runs into the one person she never expects to see, Dirty-D. Sixteen years ago, she fell for a man in Naval uniform and after their one-night stand, gave birth to his son. This time around, she’s not falling for his devilish good looks or his charming personality.

Dexter “Dirty-D” Walsh grew up in San Antonio but moved to Tarpley for a little peace and quiet after two tours in Afghanistan. When “Pops” recruited him for Tarpley’s VFD he knew he’d found his calling. Yet, something was missing. Over the years, he’d thought about that night when he met a blonde-haired blue-eyed princess who rocked his world. And, seeing her again at the VFD barbecue brought back old memories. However, before either of them can take the risk of reconnecting, Brittney is gone, off to chase another storm, leaving Dexter to wonder if the boy who calls her mom, could be his son as well.

When a “storm of the century” builds west of Tarpley, Brittney returns. Her gut tells her she has to be there, even if her heart is leery. Returning will put her in the middle of a storm she might not recover from. Staying away could mean countless lives will be lost, including the man who fathered her son and stole her heart all those years ago.

Fighting for Nadia - Book 6

A Fresh start. One Chance encounter. The storm of the century.
Ex-Army surgeon, Mitchell ‘Buff’ Alexander has returned to his family ranch to try and rebuild his life. He lost a lot in the war, but not everything. He can still help at the Tarpley Volunteer Firefighter Department. Now, relationships, that’s a battle he’s not prepared to fight. He knows he’s better off alone. PTSD is the one thing Buff wished hadn’t followed him home. While in the throes of yet another attack, a stranger helps him in a way no other person has ever been able to. But she’s a complication he can’t deal with at the moment.

ER Doctor, Nadia Fletcher wants more than this small town has to offer. She sets her sights on a dream job at a bigger hospital. After helping Buff through a PTSD episode, she wants to get to know him, but he won’t give her the time of day. As doors open and close, Nadia finds a new path and sees that the Texas Hill Country and the people might be what she needed all along.

When the storm of the century hits their small town, Nadia and Buff reunite and work together to save lives, reigniting the spark between them. Buff wants to be the man Nadia deserves, but he’s drowning in his own hell. Will Nadia be the one to pull him to the surface or will fears keep them apart?