Holidays in Jasper (Series)

Trick or Treat - Book 1

Simone Lancaster spent her entire life on the move thanks to her dad’s military career. With both parents having passed, she’s decided to set down roots for the first time. She doesn’t know what led her to Jasper, but she quickly falls in love with the town. Her new best friend, Ashton, hopes that’s not the only thing though…she knows someone who’ll be perfect for her.

Wyatt Carson has spent years focusing on work, fully aware he’d one day be running the family business. He just never expected it would be so soon. As he’s overwhelmed with the new responsibilities, his younger sister begins to worry, and decides to step in. Ashton knows someone who’ll be perfect for him.

Thankfully Yours - Book 2

A new start…

Devlin Mathers has been hired by Carson Customs, a position he’s eager to start. But first, he must move to a new state and find a place to live. He finds the perfect home, unfortunately, someone else already owns it; the same woman Devlin vows to marry at first sight.

…leads to forever.

Ashton Carson has spent many years focused on opening her own salon, and now that it’s flourishing, loneliness has set in. She wants what her brother and best friend found together. And then the man that can give it to her walks in her door.

Making them Thankfully Yours.

Marry New Year - Book 3

You are cordially invited to the weddings of Wyatt Carson to Simone Lancaster AND Devlin Mathers to Ashton Carson.

The ceremony will be New Year’s Eve with the vows taking place just before midnight, making this a Marry New Year.

A reception will follow immediately. And something tells me other connections will be made that night. Maybe the next wedding we attend will be theirs.

From the Heart - Book 4

Dash Mathers knew the instant he saw the woman with the rainbow hair and bright eyes he’d found his everything. After what he went through a few months ago, and watching his brother fall in love, he can’t wait to start their life together.

Sharla Jones has only seen what a marriage shouldn’t be thanks to her childhood and has vowed she won’t settle for less than she deserves. She just never expected her soulmate to stride into her work, his gaze watching her like she already belonged to him.

Dash and Sharla know they’ve found their forever, but problems arise when her mom, Annette, realizes who her new son-in-law is and what he does for a living. While Sharla has hearts in her eyes, Annette only sees dollar signs.

Will Dash and Sharla prove to her mom that love is what truly matters?

Shamrocked - Book 5

Callum Spencer appreciates the sacrifices his parents made for him and his siblings, knows how hard it must’ve been to leave everything behind and start over somewhere else. And he couldn’t do anything less. Deciding to follow his best friends to the small town of Jasper, Spencer finds the life he was always meant to have.

Julie Henson thought her career was mapped out until circumstances caused her to find a new path. Deciding to start her own business means a lot of work, but with her entire focus on making it a success, she knows the end result will be worth it. Then she meets Spencer and suddenly the future she once imagined is no longer clear.

Spencer and Julie fall hard and fast, their love for one another an unstoppable force that’ll lead to a forever full of love and happiness.

His Firecracker - Book 6

Claire Paulson guards her heart, having learned from her mom’s abandonment when she was a kid to the more recent lesson courtesy of her roommate people can’t be trusted with it. Even if she won’t admit it, there’s still a part that yearns for her own Happily Ever After.

Maybe there’s something to that whole silver lining thing though…

Ricky Stevenson has always been the more sensitive member of his group, and while he’s happy they’re falling into domestic bliss like dominoes, he’s one of two still standing. It’s not that he doesn’t want or believe in love, he just hasn’t found the woman meant to bring him to his knees, not that he was looking. And then he sees her…

Can’t take my eyes off you…

Summer's End - Book 7

Losing both her parents at a young age shaped Aster’s life. She closed herself off from forming connections but can’t resist helping a stranger in need. Her actions have consequences, though.

Watching his friends fall, he never thought he would, too.

Grant relocated to Jasper, resigned to his role as the last single man in the group, and he never expected that to change. Until he stumbled upon a damsel in distress. Their bond forms quickly, even as he suspects she’s keeping a secret.

But things aren’t always what they seem.

Her life might be a lie, but their love for one another isn’t. The question is, what is she hiding and can Grant uncover the truth in time?