XOXO (Series)

A Note From Haven

This series is the creation of four friends, Brynn Paulin, Loni Ree, myself, and Pixie Chica, to bring you stories year-round. We’d love it if you invited us to celebrate the holidays with you and your family.
Each can be read as a standalone, though a title may be part of that respective author’s series. While mine are listed below, the others can be found on their websites as well as Amazon.

Mistletoe Magic, Christmas 2019, Book 2

The party he didn’t want to attend…the invitation she wasn’t meant to accept.

Milo Jenner, heir to a multi-million-dollar company, knows love is what’s truly valuable, having seen it between his own parents.

Juniper Pryor, a talented fashion designer, has been treated as if she’s not enough her whole life, her own family seeing her as “just” a fill in the blank.

These two seem as if they’re an unlikely match, however, the magic of mistletoe disagrees. Suddenly, Juniper isn’t just, she’s everything.

Sweet Surprise, Valentine 2020, Book 2

What could be sweeter than falling in love?

Anything when your name is Valentina and your family runs Carmichael Candies, which makes a killing during the holiday you’re named after. She knows soulmates exist, her parents are proof of that, but she’ll pass, knowing the sacrifices they had to make.

Nothing when you’re a Kamenev and you’d kill, allegedly, to protect those you care for. Micah was taught to trust no one, that feelings make you weak, and only the strong survive. Those lessons shaped him into a man that believes happiness is too dangerous in his line of work.

Their differences are obvious, their futures decided for them, but Cupid has taken aim, and he always hits his target.

A New Start

My computer skills mean I can find anything I need to, even though my targets wish I wouldn’t. This talent serves me well in my family, proving that those with fists aren’t always the men you should fear. I can erase a person’s past so thoroughly they’ll doubt their own existence. I’ve never given much thought to my future; other than the hope I have one. Then I meet Mara, the woman I instantly want beside me forever.

When you’ve been betrayed by your own father, trusting again is impossible. For so long, my focus has solely been surviving and providing my little sister with stability and security – something I never had. Thanks to the Kamenevs freeing me from a dangerous situation, I can now do that. But Pyotr is determined to show me that he’s different, that he’ll do anything to give me a new start…as long as he’s a part of it.